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FAQ’S About The Process

How long will the borders last?

With this being a concrete product you can expect it to last for many many years. Steps to prolong the fresh and decorative look of your border include resealing every few years and keeping them free of dirt, debris and overgrowth.


How often should I reseal and what should I use?

We suggest resealing your borders every 2-4 years depending on area where curbing is installed. But you can reseal as often as once a year in the spring. Over time the sealer will break down in the elements and the finish will get chalky. Not to worry though after a reseal the color will come back to like new as the color always remains “in” the concrete and it’s the sealer that makes the color vibrant. If you wish to reseal yourself use only a clear solvent based sealer this can be applied with a brush and or roller.


Do I need to be home on the day of the installation?

Yes, we prefer to walk the site with the customer the day of installation to cover any and all details.


Do I need to remove black plastic edging prior to borders being poured?

No. In most cases your new border will be laid just outside of the area that your plastic edging is in. Oftentimes it can be left in place and covered up by the mulch or stone that gets filled in after our border project is done. Occasionally some areas of the existing edging will interfere with our project and we will pull it up the day of installation. ** However we only pull up what is in the direct path of the curbing and we do not remove or dispose of the edging. 


I have a sprinkler system is that a concern?

We install borders everyday in lawns with sprinklers. We ask that you mark your heads prior to our crew arriving so that we can avoid any damage to your irrigation heads. Our main goal is to provide you with a beautiful edge that has a nice flowing line. Most times we can accommodate this by placing the borders inside or outside your sprinkler heads. A border installed outside your irrigation heads shouldn’t interfere with its spray and should function normally. In some cases we may need move or remove a irrigation head if it will negatively impact the overall appearance of the project. In which case a irrigation company may need to be consulted after we have completed your install to re-install/repair irrigation line or head.


Will I need to add rock/mulch after you are done?

In most cases the answer is yes. Our borders will provide you with a 4 inch curb that will hold back rock and mulch. There could also be some spots that the new border will not mimic the old line due to a better aesthetic flow or due to mechanical limitations of the equipment. In those cases there may be patches of grass that need to be killed and covered with weed barrier and rock/mulch.


What size can circles be installed around trees?

Trees need room grow without the roots pushing the border off the ground.  The minimum tree ring that we do will have a 6ft diameter to the outside of the circle (5 ft across the inside diameter of the concrete).  


I have tree roots that are showing at the surface.  Is this a problem?

When we prep the surface for the border we can cut through small very small roots at the surface to maintain an even border.  Large roots may create an issue where we may want to change the layout to avoid them all together.  Tree roots will push on these borders and distort the shape and/or crack them over time so it is important to avoid placing the borders in areas that this is highly likely. 


How should my downspouts be addressed?

It is important that water coming off the roof and flowing through your downspouts be diverted to the grass side of the borders.  The easy way to address this is to extend the downspout so that it sits on top of the border.


How do I need to prepare for the day of installation?

Please be sure to have the driveway/street cleared so that we can park and operate our equipment. The truck and trailer will take up about 50 ft of street or driveway space. We have our own  water supply and hoses to mix the concrete. Please mark any sprinkler heads that are in close proximity to the landscape edge (flags or paint work well). We like to walk the grounds with the homeowner first thing when we arrive. At that time we can go over all details specified in job notes and the estimate. 


How long should I keep people and pets away?

When we are finished up for the day your borders will look perfect, shiny and rock hard. They however are not hard yet and can not be touched. Keep all people and pets away from the edging for at least 24 hours to prevent any accidental damage prior to full cure. After 24 hrs the borders can not be harmed if accidentally stepped on however avoid using weed trimmers or mowing directly against the new border for 3 weeks time as the concrete is still curing and can easily be gouged. Heavy mowing equipment or careless landscape techniques should be kept clear of contacting the borders for the life of them.

Professional & Reliable

Outdoor Borders specializes in custom concrete curbing. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality machine extruded concrete curbing available.

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